Artistic Director

About Ms. Yao Jue - HKSO's Founder, Artistic DirectorYao Jue’s professional career has beenpunctuated by widely acclaimed performances throughout Asia, Europe and theUnited States. She was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) by the Governmen ..


About Hong Kong String Orchestra

MISSIONGrow Young Musicians | Give Joy of MusicWe aim to give the joy of music appreciation to all Hong Kong people through growing local young music graduates to pursue their dreams of becoming professional musicians and performing on stage.OBJ ..


News & Updates

[25.06.2022] 《弦繫25載》音樂會
[2022.01.30] Meet HK & Macau Online | Concert Version: Vivaldi " ..
[2022.01.21] Meet HK & Macau Online |《Beethoven the Legend》Onli ..
[2022.01.06-02.18] 'Meet in Beijing' |《The Butterfly Lovers》 《 ..
[13.06.2021] Centennial and HKSAR Eastablishment Celebration Con ..
[29.05.2021] 【Encounter With City's Young Talent - Rachel Cheun ..
[11.05.2021] 【Encounter With City's Young Talent X Andrew Ling】 ..
[19.7.2020] Beethoven, The Legend
[11.6.2020]【Encounter With City's Young Talent X Andrew Ling】Th ..
[15.5.2020 - 26.6.2020] Chamber Concert Series
Hong Kong String Orchestra - Musician Recruitment 2020/21
[20.6.2019] Legendary Classic: Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto
[21.5.2018] Sarah Chang Concert
[5.5.2018] Hong Kong String Orchestra " The Power of Thousand Str ..
[3.3.2018] All About Love - Chinese New Year Concert
[22.4.2018] Viola Masterclass by Jay Liu
[23.4.2017] Encounter with Maestro - Jay Liu Concert
[9.3.2017] Face to Face with Maestro Tan Dun - Lecture & Mastercl ..
[11.3.2017] New Music Era Concert - Tan Dun
[26.12.2016] All About Love - Christmas Concert
[29.11.2016] Qin Li-wei Concert Tickets
Showcase three world-class maestros!
Launch of our Brand New Logo!
"All about Love" Father's Day Concert
Season 2015-2017 - Call for Musicians
HKSO Mother's Day Love Concert
Pok Oi Charity Show
“A Concert by Yao Jue with the Hong Kong String Orchestra and Th ..
Ticket Sale of Polytechnic University AIR Concert on (20-1-2015)
Christmas Community Concerts at Maritime Square & Element
Kowloon City District Community Concert (07-12-2014)
HKSO Charity Concert
HKSO Charity Concert (22-11-2014)
Artist-In-Residence-Opening concert at Polytechnic University
Give & Grow @ City University
Give & Grow @ Baptist University
HKSO·Jue Yao The Gifting Season of Community Concert
Music Time Machine Concert at Shenzhen Concert Hall
HKT Presented TWGHs‧Jue Yao‧HKSO Charity Concert “Our Stage O ..
Butterfly Lovers Performance
HKSO's Recruitment
HKT Presented "TWGHS. Yao Jue . HKSO Charity Concert"
Shang Hai Concert - 星期廣播音樂會 姚玨與香港弦樂團的八季
Tian Jin - 姚玨和香港弦樂團音樂會



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