Jockey Club Power of Music Programme

Received generous sponsorship from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, HKSO is delighted to launch a 3-year “Jockey Club Power of Music Programme” including three core music concert series and music training programme benefiting underprivileged children -“All AboutLove” Concert Series, “Share the Joy” Community Concerts Series with new art elements, taken place in open-air areas in 18 districts, “Light of Hope” MusicTraining Programme and performing opportunities for underprivileged children.We hope to make classical music accessible to all, to soothe the hearts of disadvantaged groups by the power of music and share the joy of music to the mass public. The entire programme attempts to break the Guinness World Record, the series include:


1. “Light of Hope” Music Training Programme - As our Artistic Director Ms Yao Jue has developed a brand new teaching method to enhance children to learn violin better according to her long engagement in music education, while our well-talent musicians are always ready to contribute back to the society by teaching violin training courses to those underprivileged, students will receive complimentary violin training classes, a free violin, and a chance to perform in the “Share the Joy”Community Concerts and the Finale Concert;


2. “Share the Joy” Community Concerts Series - The Community Concerts Series will tour to18 districts in 3 years and spread the joy of music to everyone in Hong Kong.Excellent students in the “Light of Hope” will be able to join the “CommunityOrchestra” during their third year of studies of the programme, to perform in the“Share the Joy” Community Concerts Series;


3. “All About Love” Concert Series - Through our fabulous concerts in the festive seasons, we hope to spread warmth and brand new classical music experience to the community, shorten the distance between performers and audiences. We also hope that the underprivileged or the needy groups could also feel the love and peace through the healing power of music.

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