“Lion Rock Can Do Spirit” Music Exchange Programme

Lion Rock Spirit is regarded as the core values that reflect the perseverance of Hong Kong people from generations to generations. Hong Kong people believe in the motto of “never give up” and have confidence in “creating miracles from the impossible” in the faces of challenges, and the Orchestra does the same.


Since 2018, the Orchestra has been supported by the Matching Fund Scheme of Hong Kong Arts Development Council, The Tung Foundation and Bank of China (Hong Kong), to launch “Lion Rock Can Do Spirit” Music Exchange Programme. We recognize therole music plays in feeding the soul of the city in large, and thrive to achieve our target objectives “Exchange ‧ Connect ‧ Revitalize” throughout the entire Project. Like the city itself, Hong Kong’s classical music scene continues to evolve, as we uphold “Lion Rock Can Do Spirit” to help Hong Kong musical talents advance to the international stage.

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